Your training programs have desired outcomes and goals that can range from regulatory requirements to profit improvements.

Instructional Design and Development is the systematic approach that enables a training program to achieve the desired outcomes. Our consultants can work within your established processes and standards, or they can apply a proven methodology developed by VisionCor Solutions to ensure both high quality and business impact.


VisionCor provides consultants proficient in any or all of the following training methods:


Blended Learning

Supporting your employees throughout an organization’s footprint sometimes requires a combination of classroom training, distance learning, self-study, and coaching and mentoring.


Distance Learning

Travel expenses and staffing issues often prohibit the delivery of classroom training in remote locations. Using the latest technologies, we offer distance learning solutions that allow instructor-led and group interactions at any location.


Instructor-Led & Classroom

Presenting complex concepts and creating an environment for participants to role-play and brainstorm solutions often require classroom settings. We design and develop classroom training materials and provide top-notch instructors to facilitate classroom sessions.

Self-Paced Learning

 We offer innovative solutions that allow employees to learn at their own pace.