The average organization has around 35% of its employees that are disengaged and uninspired. At PeopleONE, we believe transformational results begin when leadership aligns to the right purpose, right people, right processes and right performance.

Whether your Human Resources Strategy is being developed or is already well-structured, we can add value. Our consultants offer ways to improve the performance and results of individual Strategic Human Resources processes by aligning those processes with each other.

As important as aligning Strategic Human Resources process with your Mission, Vision, Values or Purpose Statement, improving these processes positively impacts the performance and results for your people to deliver to their customers.


Leadership Development

We believe developing leaders pays huge dividends. When the right Leadership Development program is combined with the right Purpose Statement and Leadership Model, a multiplier effect takes place throughout the entire organization.

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Leadership 360, a trusted and valued service, is a leadership game changer that will bring the most value to your organization.  Our certified facilitators and coaches deliver the MRG Leadership Effectiveness Assessment (LEA) and the Individual Directions Inventory (IDI) to interpet, apply and improve performance and results.