Staff Augmentation

At VisionCor Solutions, we understand you need people from time-to-time that can fit with your staff and help you achieve your desired results. Our extensive and highly capable network of Learning & Development consultants and Technical Communication specialists are ready and available to support you with your staffing needs.

Outsourcing Services

As your organization prepares a business case for staffing, it makes sense to begin assessing partnership opportunities at the same time so that you are well ahead of the assignment.  At VisionCor we are flexible to work with you in advance of these key decisions and its one of our key strengths as noted by our clients.  Many times we are in a position to help you lay out the right scenario for your outsourcing needs.

Typical outsourcing benefits are:

  • Increasing your pool of capabilities for higher quality training outcomes

  • Replacing key workers on temporary leave, such as FMLA or maternity leave, so that your training plans remain intact

  • Increasing capacity for faster project completions to keep you and your staff on target

  • Balancing scalable solutions to improve productivity while reducing costs during peak and valleys periods

  • Hiring best long-term employees to mitigate hiring risk with temp work-to-hire

  • Maintaining focus on key core business initiatives to drive key organizational KPIs while portioning out lower priorities

Providing the Right People

VisionCor has over 25 years of experience providing clients the right people for the right opportunity with the right organizational fit.  We have an extensive national network of professional consultants that are highly capable, have broad experiences and are readily available to support you with your project’s goals.

Augmentation Opportunities

VisionCor offers you a wide range of expertise with many individual or team roles:

  • Instructional Designers & Developers

  • Virtual Instructor Led Trainers (VILT)

  • Trainers & Facilitators

  • Learning Strategists

  • eLearning Developers

  • Program Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Project Coordinators

  • Proposal Writers

  • Technical Writers

  • Organizational Change

  • Graphic Designers

  • Performance Consultants

  • Leadership Development