Instructional Design and Development

At VisionCor Solutions, our partnership with our customers promotes an interactive process that will improve the efficiency of design and development, but most importantly, results that matter.

Subject Matter Expertise

We follow a methodical approach to designing learning experiences based on industry best practices and years of business expertise that will effectively teach the skills and information your learners need. By providing subject matter expertise, cutting-edge instructional design and project management training, our instructional design services can add value to your training initiatives.

Assessment of Needs

Our instructional design plan includes a series of learning objectives and strategies that come from an assessment strategy. Continuing with an analysis of needs, we identify your project's goals, your audience's learning needs, and the specialized training solution. In effect, VisionCor's training solutions employ topic experts and important talent, which may include a series of writers, designers, and developers. We oversee the implementation of training, support for the Learning Management System (LMS), and development when necessary.

Learning Objectives

For the audience, we define specific behavioral goals and measurable results. To achieve your goals in the most effective manner, we select the most suitable mix of methods, communications, and learning enterprises. To enable learners to build their knowledge and skills over time, we organize the material into a specific sequence of lessons. We design tests and evaluations that enable learners to actually demonstrate their proficiency in training material and that can help demonstrate the training's business impact.

Delivery Formats

Our consultants in instructional design create programs through a variety of learning methods:

  • Classroom-based training (ILT)

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT)

  • Web-based training (WBT)

  • Mobile-based training

To ensure high quality and business impact, our consultants are flexible enough to work within your established processes and standards, using a proven methodology developed by VisionCor Solutions.