These webcasts were prepared by our VisionCor consultants in order to help training executives, managers and team members in the planning and execution of their projects. 


Training Webcasts Videos

Virtual Training Webcast

What are the special considerations for designing virtual training? This 9 minute webcast provides some of the basic design considerations, along with planning guidelines, for virtual training courses.

Rapid E-Learning Development

Do you need to reduce the development time for eLearning projects? This 7 minute webcast provides a method and some options to increase your training business impact while reducing time and cost for development.

Goal-Based Measurement Plans

You may know where you are, but do you know where you should be? This 14 minute webcast reviews the principles and importance of goal-based measurement for training projects.

Contingency Planning Webcast

What do you do if a critical part of your plan derails during execution? This 13 minute webcast reviews the process for and importance of planning for contingencies prior to execution.

Program Resource Planning Webcast

Do you struggle with long-term resource planning? This 13 minute webcast describes a planning approach and reviews options for adding to team capacity.

Quality Planning For Training Projects

Are you planning for quality or reacting to quality issues? This 16 minute webcast reviews the components of a quality plan and provides some mechanisms for quality management.

Value of Project Management Webcast

Do you budget for project management and ensure it is implemented effectively? This 15 minute webcast describes the value of project management in training and provides implementation considerations.

Requirements of Programs That Deliver

Do you have big changes on the horizon? Before you jump to the details of training design, there are some program-level requirements you need to address in order to ensure that your program is successful. This 21 minute webcast reviews the top five requirements.